Monday, 23 April 2018

After Carwyn Jones

After Carwyn...and now Welsh Labour begins a long process of election culminating in December. The election this weekend showed that two thirds of the members voted for the losing candidate. . It is essential that as the Labour Party in England renewed itself with one member one vote so too must the party in Wales. Scotland has a Corbyn supporting Labour leader and the same must happen in Wales. Many of us who joined Labour will have a vote this time. Momentum has over 2000 members in Wales and more are joining. I expect that the election will be on a knife edge as it was on Saturday.
The next leader of Welsh Labour must recognise the need for one member one vote, mandatory reselection. The next leader must recognise the full value of devolution and of the realisation that Wales is a another country. They must decentralise and recognise that the electoral college is little more than a method to keep a Blairite tendency in power. Theremust be a return to the Socialism of Kier Hardie . 

The Trade Union activists need Unions that are their servants and not their masters. The Members of Parliament and Assembly Members are representatives of the ordinary party members and every one from community and town councillor to Member of Parliament must be selected for every election. It's time for a Labour reformation with a commitment to decentralisation; 
 ecosocialism and a participatory democratic outlook and philosophy. The question is essential and many must face up to what must be done to chance the Labour Party into the party of its founders. The bubble of Westminster and Cardiff Bay must be burst for renewal and rebirth.. the candidates are emerging and there is a world still to win...we cannot be allowed to fail...the hopes dreams and aims of the book "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist" are essential now and have never been more so..

Between the monstrosity of the rise of Welsh UKIp, the right wing nationalism of Jac o the North and the masculininst rheotoric of Neil McEvoy`s populism there must be a deep radical and socialist Welsh labour.  

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  1. What a Westminster MP is doing as Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour is utterly bizarre. Not at all impressed with Carolyn Harries who got less Labour Party member votes than Owen Smith in the Westminster Leadership competition. Disgrace!