Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Written by Morons ......

I hear that the Daily Mail is trumpeting the fact that it has 280, 000 signatures for the new Kipper Blue passport to be produced in this country. What is it about the morons of the Daily Mail and Express that they don't get,? You can't have an inward looking country and support the wonders of the free market, worship capitalism rave about capitalism and be an outward looking free agent of a globalised world..and believing in the moronic chants of Britain First. Don't you understand? the WTO and the World Bank are not the EU. There has been no sovereignty for over 400 years.The world is not that simple..there are no easy answers, the Express and Mail lied to you..the right always does. Daily Express readers soured by prejudice ; controlled by simplicity and shockingly this what getting your country back meant..? Oh dear oh dear. ..


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