Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Windrush and odd events.......Brexit and the silence of the Bluekippers

Fifty years from the "Rivers of Blood" speech . A desperate rush for free trade deals with the Commonwealth.. The Prime minister of Jamaica has the Tories over a barrel...we hear of deportation of those who had no evidence of Windrush papers and that immigration certificates destroyed by the Home Office.. The list goes on. The closed borders, getting our country back and the horrors of the fantasies of Farage and others.. how many white people who never go abroad have passports? But imagine the unstated assumptions of those who are black or brown or yellow who don't? What would the assumptions be in that case of the average blue kipper? Do you really have to guess.? A white person without a passport is different a non white person yep you could imagine.. imagine the average true Daily Mail or Express reader...what they would say or think...
The experiences of the Windrush generation..with it's racist treatment lays in the realm of No Irish No Blacks No Dogs. . Theresa May your government stinks...and now after Brexit who will trust this Tory government on it's promised to European workers after next year.. who would? Odd that the kippers ate so quiet on this one...i wonder why?

And as the treatment of the Windrush generation becomes clear..tbe true nature of the Conservative party becomes clear.. as information is revealed that some have been deported back to Jamaica. The principle is clear as it's always been empiricism tempered by prejudice.

It was was Powell as minister who wanted cheap labour for London. Then he moans about the black man having the whip hand over the white man. Please note the discourse is based on slave trade assumptions and implies it is natural for the white man to have the power and has the right to rule over the black man. The discourse is clear cheap labour, racially structured and natural in origin

Powell lives and instructs the Tory Party as it panders to the shades of Farage and the ghosts of UKIP. A perfect storm is coming that will sweep the Tories away..As local elections near the issues of Cambridge Analytics, the imucations of Windrush and the prejudices and manipulations of the Tories becomes clearer. They will cling to nationalism and the prejudices that patriotism brings but that is all they have left.. Amber Rudd struggled to apologise to those sacrificed on the altars of closed borders as the mantra ' getting our coy try back" echoes through the body polotic. It's all hypocrisy and is simply designed to feed the blue kippers.

In London and in many locations the Tories will be swept away. What on earth dies it take for the right of the Labour Party to understand. The answer is simple to all of them what and who do you prefer? If you prefer the Tories leave...if you don't accept democracy.. .
On radio 4 I hear of supporters of the leave campaign praise Nazi use of the Jewish problem. They simply say that the the Nazi propaganda campaign was ' 'great' Powell, Windrush; Cambridge Analytics and the Nazi approach what more could be clear.. .

This us the reality of the Trump generation. This is what it comes down to . We cry out for truth, critical thinking and investigative journalism. In the world if social media we gave become Nierzvhe's 'last men' and Eliot's ' Hollow men.' This is the way the war and politics begins not with a bang but a whimper.. and tbe shade Goebbels. It's is now that the big lie is believed..

 Does it occur to just me? You know when the Windrush cards were destroyed by the Home Office was that not the time that Gordon Brown was using that phrase 'British jobs for British workers" ....and you know I seem to remember reading that Stephen Kinnock was call g a year ago for the end of free movement in Europe...whats off indeed is how the right if the Labour Party ape pseudo- UKIP policies and then rave about anti-Semitism...they cherry pick their principles to feed their ambitions...they are so predictable.. .mandatory re-election please....May's manipulates others stupidity.. .the purpose if the left us to educate and inform not ti placate and support..Socialusm us about education and not following the prejudices that originate from the Daily Mail...put it quite simply the right of the Labour Party are in effect supporting a Tory or UKIP agenda...and the Tories love the end it comes down to who you want in power ..a Socialist or a Tory one...i a. For the Socialist Tony Blair or Stephen Kinnock?

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