Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Data laws are changing Hope not Hate

This is not a normal  post

Data laws are changing: if you still support HOPE not hate, you must tell us as soon as possible to continue receiving our updates by email.

It takes about five seconds to make sure your membership of our community doesn't expire - just follow this link and we'll count you in. If you don't, we will be forced to count you out of all future plans, and stop sending you emails about news and actions to challenge hate.

It's your choice - let us know you'd like to stay updated in one click now.

Without supporters like you, HOPE not hate simply wouldn't exist, and everything our community does together to fight hate would be in danger.

Right now would be a bad time to let our movement's strength wane. The far right have had some wins recently, but so have we - UKIP are in disarray, we beat Nigel Farage in the courts, and went undercover to expose the alt-right in the US.

Since we started a decade ago, HOPE not hate has had a strong tradition of success in closing down hate. We've got big plans in the works, and we'll have an even stronger future if supporters of HOPE keep working as one.

Don't stand on the sidelines. Spare a few seconds to continue to receive updates about our campaign against the far right and to spread HOPE.

Thank you - we win by working together,

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