Wednesday, 30 May 2018

More fun from the DWP

 I heard recently from h the DWP that one of my clients made a freedom of information request on his DLA claim from some six years ago. The DWP felt that as I had done extensive work with the client that I was too biased. The client in question has a major psychosis and a severe personality disoder.. During the same clients PIP assessment a couple of months ago the client was so tense that be made his hand bleed because of tension. I wonder how the DWP acting on the dictates of IDS have the nerve to accuse me if bias . 

They of course have no bias they merely go along with the dictates of their political master's who wish to make it so difficult for legitimate claimants to claim benefit . This is of course entirely different to someone who has built an understanding of a fragile and vulnerable individual. The DWP feel no problems here and feel that bias to Tory economic policy is perfectly acceptable...yet they can comment on a therapeutic relationship without knowing the client or myself...they have to lose on June 8th....there is nothing new here last year in another case I had a letter from the DWP telling me my job was to cure the client not to challenge their health care makes me sick....

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