Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The reality of benefit Britain.....witnessed first hand

.I have just spent the last 70 minutes supporting a client through a PiPS home visit. The client has PTSD and chronic back pain. she is confused and drugged. The interviewer is rather brash. They do not understand how the psychological and the physical interacr. They don't understand how they effect one another. The 15 categories are designed by soulless robots that do not understand. Quantitative measures do not express qualitative states of mental illness. The client must be bent to fit the makes the client worse. categories . I look over I can see the client beginning to have flashbacks and cry. The interviewer keeps saying we are running late and must hurry becomes impossible. The interviewer is wedded to a statistical model. They are stressed At some level the interviewers stress effects the client and she cries. The interviewer asks is it something they have done? They ask to see the clients medication and the client becomes more confused. And the interviewer is not the person who will make the decision. The decision will be made by a civil servants miles away who does not see the pressure on the assessed and the assessor . This is the obscenity of benefit Britain . Who is the most exploited? The client or interviewer ? They both have families, targets, pressures each must pay their bills , each live in this world. I intervene and explain why the words written do not describe the reality of the clients world or the way the interviewer sees them. This is an obscene system.....these local electio elections are really about the soulless nature of the Tory Party and how we sit and care for the broken. I picture the cruel faces of Theresa May and her cabinet and when they claim the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Magnificat then we all know that they failed to understand it's true meaning.


  1. The whole assessment is written to be as binary as possible with limited scope to reply. It’s so rigged to the DWP’s advantage the results become a nonsense.

  2. I have MS a hidden disability at the moment. After three years of arguing with the DWP. I gave up. I wish everyone all the luck in the world with thier battle.