Wednesday, 9 May 2018

To our European friends from your friends in Wales + not our Brexit

To our European friends from your friends in Britain,

We are horrified by the actions and words of the brexit government. We want you to know that Britain is not uniting behind brexit, whatever they may say. When brexit politicians insult and threaten Europe, they do not speak for us. This is not our brexit (#notourbrexit).

There is no majority, no mandate, for what the brexit government is doing now. Those of us who voted to leave were lied to and promised things that cannot be delivered. And 48% of us voted to remain.
Many in Britain, maybe even the majority, believe Britain is better off in the EU than outside. We value the achievements of the EU. We see it as a force for good. In particular we love the freedom of movement it offers. We are thankful for the way in which people from all over Europe have come to Britain and enriched our culture. We are devastated at the impact of brexit on them too.
Whatever happens in the months and years ahead, please understand that many people in Wales  are not the naive isolationists that our government's actions imply.

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