Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The DWP knows best.....

I have sent the DWP a photograph of the 3 aids I use to see. I have sent them a copy of my registration certificate that I am visually impaired.This can only be done by a Consultant. I have sent them a copy of the letter from my low vision Optometrist..

I have a disabled railcard,a disabled coach card, a copy of my disabled bus pass was seen by them and my registration with the RNIB. When I had my Pips assessment at 1 today I was told that they too wanted to give me a vision test. I refused arguing that I had provided all the evidence necessary. I ask the simple question ...if the DWP does not believe the evidence I provided then what chance do those who do not have my eloquence and evidence have? Those who want and have voted for a right wing agenda...have only themselves to blame. I trust that you never have the experience of proving your disability. It seems the DWP believe not even the independent health care professionals provided by the state. While you idiots of the right wax lyrically about getting your country back..we wake to find the sort of country that we are inheriting on Brexit Island....what sort of stupid are you? And when you in the small towns had your love in with the blue-kippers on Thursday May 3 then I tell you never be old, never be sick, never be vulnerable , never have poor sight, never have a 

disability.Just sing God Save the Queen and let the Royal Birth and the Royal wedding support you, clothe you and sustain you....what a country you have got back...never have we needed Socialism so much...i have no Complaint about the interviewer. They were doing the best they could and tried to do with empathy and concern.. .It is the system dreamnt up by "Christian conscience"of those like Theresa May and the very Reverend Iain Duncan Smith...they would do well to remember the words of the Magnificat in the Gospel of Luke..I feel rather like the Prophet Amos today...the dies irae.. dawns

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