Friday, 4 May 2018

People like you..Sir Roger Gale MP

People like you..Sir Roger Gale MP

A couple of days ago I watched an interview on Channel 4 News. It was an interview on the Windrush issue. The interviewer was Krisnan Guru-Murthy and he was interviewing Sir Roger Gale the right wing #twatriot Tory MP arch Brexiteer and bluekipper and Chuka Umunna the Labour MP.
Gale raved throughout the interview going on and on about illegal immigration. The Windrush generation was totally legal and was an attempt to provide cheap labour for the UK. As Gale raved on he was challenged by Krisnan and he snapped back the words " people like you" He was challenged on what he meant .He spluttered and said he meant journalists.

My memory went back to the John McCain Obama debate of 2008 when McCain used the same words at Obama. We all knew what he meant..Ethnic Prejudice is just below the surface in many of these elderly 'gentlemen'. The WASP and the Tory Imperialist raised on the myth of the American dream and of Kipling's "White mans burden' says it all.

I have met many like these in my sixty years. At Prep school we were bombarded by Kipling, the large pink maps, the aristocracy and of Biggles and Billy Bunter. .They all had within them the superiority of the white man and of the Empire on which the sun has now fortunately set..Yet the Empire continually strikes back in their shadows and ids.I know what you meant Sir Roger Gale and felt. And it's people like you Sir Roger Gale that I can't stand...and of course some bluekipper will tell me that it's all in my mind because it's not in theirs ...but all I have to say is people like you never see it...

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