Friday, 11 May 2018

The House of Lords is undenocatic but overspending is not..the reality of Leave EU

And now it's official the Leave EU campaign overspent and gave an inaccurate refetendum expenses return and is fined £70.000. The Chief Executive of Leave EU is reported to the Metropolitan Police.
The stupidity of the right continues to amaze me. In 2012 when reforms were suggested to the House of Lords many Brexiteers including Jacob Reed Morg opposed it. If the House of Lords is undemocratic then so is the Monarchy and the Public schools and private education as a whole. Yet the sane snowflakes of the right will be fawning over the Royal Wedding and the Royal Birth What is it they lack? The answer is simple 'joined up thinking" After 400 years they wake up to the anomaly that the House of Lords is. The truth us that in 90% of cases the right cannot think historically or thematically.. They are so tied up in the "individual" and in "common sense" that they are incapable of spotting the direction of history. They want their country back ...but they have no idea of its history or it's origins..or indeed what it is.. overspending is fine but the House of Lords is not......

So now we know that leaves returns were false let's get our values back and run the whole thing again, openly democratically and transparently clear.
I still see the claims

made by the bluekippers if you dont like the result move to a European country, you are unpatriotic and un-British . "Move on get over it"...they parrot.

And yet they fail to know anything of our traditions and our history. They read it in the Daily Mail....
So I say to them move on been exposed both in the referendum and in your knowledge. Wow what a country we have got back. Ignorant, stupid and lacking the ability to think historically or what Orwell said in 1984 on the limitations of language and reflect on the observation that "there is no truth outside the text" you might learn something at last...try reading some history and realise the nature of our unwritten constitution...i mean I thought you wanted your country back..Fabricant wants us to leave the Eurovision Song Contest without realising we took part before we joined the EU...i mean let's pull out of European Football there no end to this stupidity of the twatriots...

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