Thursday, 4 January 2018

Asclepius Courses January 2018 last reminder

Hi everyone and a happy New Year to you all. 

Here is an outline of courses that will be running this coming term starting on Tuesday 9th January 18. 

NB. Those of you who are coming to Why should we be good? An Introduction to Ethics level 0 please note that we will be back in One stop shop this term. Usual; time of 10 - 12 on a Thursday. You can register in advance with Dace 01792 602211 or with me on the first day of term. Cost as usual is £40 (unless you are working full time) for 10 weeks. If you are are on benefits and don't already have a degree then there is a fee waiver.   

There will also be a READING GROUP run by Dace beginning on 29th January at Pearls Coffee Shop Walters Road where the Tenby Pub used to be. It is free to all users and there are no essays to write. We will meet for the first 4 weeks on the last Monday of each month from 1pm - 2pm.   The first book will be 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood as this involves many interesting philosophical issues about gender, politics and religion. 

Courses running at Asclepius clinic 33 Walter Rd Swansea: (Above Munch Box  cafe.)

Shakespeare and his World: Tuesday January 9th  2018 10 am- 12pm. Martyn

Mind, Brains and Machines: Wednesday January 10th 2018 10 am - 12pm.Jenni and Martyn

St Augustine Author and Philosopher:  Thursday January 11th  2018 10 am - 12pm

For more details on any of these courses please email me at the above address. If you wish to enrol for the last 3 courses at Asclepius please ring Martyn on 07592330467 . Cost of Asclepius courses will be £65 for 13 weeks.

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