Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Waiting for "Brexot//some thoughts on Godot

Waiting for "Brexot" ..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waiting_for_Godot
.The blue moon waxes as the right raves and dies. .So we all look to the future. The hard moronic; vicious Brexuteers begin to realise that you can check out anytime but you can never leave . The party claiming sovereignty gives it all away during the transition period we won't have any say in anything that the EU decide in the 21 months of transition. What is the point any more in this government ? We lose sovereignty that the 35 headbangers of the lunatic Brexit right lead us Alice like into a perverse and Brechtian wonderland. The truth is that Theresa May can no longer deliver anything any more. She has ruled too long...the NHS is now the major issue and Labour are knocking at the door..the Kippers are dead and the left prepare a campaign of action against the coming visit of Trump.

 A dieing government condemned by ego and the spectre of Trump. A party of brutality supported by the relics of 16th century Calvinism. The Tory membership old bigoted and outnumbered 7 to 1 by Labour. The end comes now , a vibrant left is reborn , a Labour party about to be reformed in the image of Jeremy Corbyn. The left gas soon control of Labour and New Labour seem as imaginary as the Unicorn or the Gryphon. As the paradigm shifts and the interpretation changes. In other areas sexism, patriarchy misogyny transphobia and gay discrimination dissolves into air.. all things change and old certainties are removed.. the blue moon waxes as old forms break down. This is the return of the repressed...the liberation of the left out.. and an understanding of the nature of change...this is enantiodromia the establishment is terrified....and a new world waits to be born...and there is a world to win...a spectre is haunting the UK ..we will be seeing demonsteations against tbe Trymp visit that will make 68 and the poll tax demonstrations look like a walk in tbe park...and I suspect we are never going to leave.the EU .i did tell you so. I really did hehe..

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