Thursday, 18 January 2018

The far right and the sickness at the heart of Sovereign Cymru

Notice Darren`s use  use of alt right soeech  "Virtue signalling" a fluent user of far right speech. I have wtached him move in ever increasing speed to the far right over the last few years. I predicted it long what I thought was an satirical piece now sadly  it  becomes prophecy..and then fact. The trajectory is age old. Its only the idiots who take it who are unawre. As Jung says charecter becomes destiny. I am sure that Neil Wagstaff remembers my words and my few did at the time...

i wrote this in  early June of l2016 ...somethings did not happen but a lot did as I predicted....I should also point out that my Great -great aunt read the tarot cards in North Wales in 1he 1890s, However I am making no such claim for myself.

It is a Friday in late June 2018. We see a figure in a hat waiting at Neath station. The man is about sixty, he has a very small amount of hair ,a distinctive nose and rather crooked teeth .He is reflecting on the events of the last two years.
The visit of President Trump to Wales is hailed as a new beginning. The "new special relationship” is promoted as market based, rugged individualistic in nature and ideologically opposed to the left. The new Trump Academy set up in Neath will administer all benfit payments and encourage community based activity for the work shy. Darren Nichols is made Head of the Neath Trump Academy of Business.He takes Prime-Minister Boris Johnson, Deputy Prime Minister Farage and President Trump on a love Melin tour. He is now employed as a a UKIP communications director.......
, The Arts and the theoretical Sciences are being axed and replaced with the “Good Workers Education certificate” The universities are entirely being privatised and the proportion of people attending higher education and further education is falling. There is a new slogan throughout Europe “You are on your own,,be Proud”
In Kent the effects of Brexit has led to a vast migrant camp in Kent. It began when local UK border authority staff were removed from Europe. The BNP is growing rapidly in the South East. The Johnson-Farage government is rearming rapidly. They are creating thousands of jobs by expanding the armament industry and are exporting throughout the world to anyone who will buy the

Now  . look at the the speech of Jac of the North the ravings of a broflake.........

Those charming neo fascists at Sovereign Cymru (see post earlier today) shared an upload from Wales own Steve Bannon ie the loathsome neath based Alt Rightist Darren Bromham - Nichols. Oprah Winfrey is the latest target for Nichols uncontrolled bigotry and bile, which says everything you need to know about Bromham-Nichols because even the Trumps were impressed by Oprah's superb speech at the golden globes (click link).

“A great take by a Welshman Darren Bromham-Nichols on Hollywood's Golden globe virtue signalling chamber full of out of touch with reality multi millionaires living in gated communities trying to tell us plebs how we should think

Oh well must keep my head down Higgy amd the Tonna and Aberdulais Freikorp are after me......

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