Wednesday, 17 January 2018

From Mosley to McEvoy..a long historical trajectory of populism

From Mosley to McEvoy..a long historical trajectory of populism..Its getting lighter at the Penrhos busst stop yet theJanuary storm clouds are growing within and over Wales. Neil McEvoy is allegedly preparing to go down tbe long rightwing historical path that has been trod by polutical egotists from Mosley onwards. It begins with a psychological state when the political warrior sees himself {yes i mean himself) as more important than the political traditions they belong to gradually they have insights that are superior to tbe tradition. Then then they say the tradituon has lost its way and they provide a charter 

of salvatiion with themselves as messiah. In Neils case it was the right to buy that was wrong. Then Plaid he alleged was In a bubble isolated in Cardiff Bay. He knew all the answers. Then others surfaced and his political tradituon cast him out .

Then enter from the right a bitter old man of the north. This old man wants a populist right wing nationalist party and gradually begins thst young Neil ─║ike Luke Skywalker was offered by the Emperor the path to the right side. Over night as his expulsion is announced. His attack dog the loathsome Anne Greagsby rains down insults upon her niece by twitter, blaming her for the expulsion of the messiah. Its an old path tread by many that goes back to Mosley . The test of McEvoy will be now if he understands tbe temptations of this path. Will he join Jacs new monster of the right and take the path of Farage and Mosley . The wall is breached and the right walkers are heading south for the Rhondda and for Neath. The undead attack grannies of Penarth are their vanguard..the question is will Neil McEvoy and Anne Greagsby end their political days in a party of right wing fruitcakes basted in political conspiracy theories. The January storms are coming to Wales as Plaid finally decides if it is a socialist or not. Be warned Neil and read the life of Mosley...and get the self appointed attack dog trained. Wales does not need a Messiah or a Mosley. Jac needs both and he hopes for you it out.

Political narcissism is a deadly brew . I have been the political agent of a young man during an election who was suffering from the same contagion. You are older Neil you should know better...

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