Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A year on still nothing to say? Finsbury reflections....

Attack on Mosque  a year ago described differently by media.....nothing to say N bluekippers

The horror goes on, Manchester, London Bridge Grenfell Park, now the mosque in North London. The man who drive the truck was shouting ' kill all Muslims' .We will hear the usual comments from the right. They will say he was mentally ill but they won't call for all Christians to distance themselves from these activities , they won't see it as an international conspiracy, they won't see it as terrorism and so it goes on.....Anders Brevijk was not a terrorist they will say, Thomas Meir acted alone but what links them is the climate created by the demonization of Muslims immigrants and others .And the killing goes on....Forage will comment and others will follow but those who worship in Mosques on busy roads will look at trucks and vans with fear and anxiety...and will Forage comment on this? I think not and the Mail and the Sun and the Express will have little to say.....will they ask if the driver was a Christian? Will they pint out that someone somewhere in the far right will be the cause of his radicalization? The context is ignored when extremists made bold by the language of Trump and Forage . The right wing press never comment on that because they are part of that context.

 But death and hatred all come from the same place ignorance, oppression and fear.
Have you noticed that Nigel Forage has nothing to contribute to the issues around the Grenfell Towers tragedy. When it just poor people ignored by the powerful and the rich. He has nothing to say. When it comes to the issue of 1300 empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea he has nothing to say , when it comes to the surplus of money held by the council he has nothing to say, when it comes to growing inequality  the right has nothing to say.l have something to say it's about Islam or brown faces...the dynamic duo have nothing to say when it's just poor people..when their ethnicity is nothing to do with their economic position....Nuttal and Forage are not commenting, pushing themselves in front of the cameras...how predictable....how pathetic....

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