Thursday, 14 June 2018

The world is a stage and the roles badly cast..the true martyr

The True Martyr....Three  years ago Isis executed this brave man who refused to give them the location of the antiquities and artifacts. The culture, the history, the ideas of the past help us understand the present and the future. To the fundamentalist the idea of a multiple and many layered reality is a travesty. Yet when we glance back in history to the newly converted Christian Egypt we find a Christian mob killing Hypatia and destroying the Classical Egyptian relics of the time. Monotheism is always imperialism in religion and is uniquely associated with the "one true God* The young men of Isis, the young men of the Counter Reformation and of the Calvinists behaved the same.

 The white supremacist , the fundamentalist, the lone wolf terrorist at all shades and the school shooter all share the same psychological profile...and yes the Isis fighter completely unaware.of the subtle metaphors,  metronomy and structures of Arabic language and literature as the Christian fundamentalist of the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic language. It's like asking a brace of UKiP leadership candidates... 

Free us from saviours, free us from certainty. As Emerson asked us to be free from the " hobgoblin of the closed mind". From the destruction in Mali, through the activities of the Cortes and the golden locks of Custer to Palmyra and beyond the only saviour we need is a saviour from has no meaning other than the meanings we bring to it and the meaning is multiple and varied....martyrdom is only really achieved by those who die for us all to have choice upon the nature and purpose of life...the world is a stage and the roles badly quote Alun Gibbard... and whoever you are from Tommy Robinson to the fundamentalists of the EDl and Isis you arise from the same root.......

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