Thursday, 28 June 2018

Tonight I will be backing Belgium

Tonight I will be backing Belgium. I am ashamed off those who represent us abroad and in power. There is this vile Tory DUP government. There is Farage and his UKIP minions representing us in the European Parliament. In Scotland and Wales the monstrosity that is the Union Jack flies above both the Welsh and Scottish Office. The symbolism of a modern European country like Belgium taking on the blue kipper hopes of Brexit island is too much. I am a European Welshman well versed in the horrors of English history . Our culture and literature is international multilingual and multicultural.. Those shouting most for England carry the least knowledge of it. The subtext they bring is narrow white and male. There is no knowledge of our real identity or origins. Any English football success will be given a nationalistic and pro Brexit discourse. The symbolic clash of a pro EU country and a narrow inward looking blue kipper state is manifested in tonight's match. The weekly income of the English Football team would be better spent on the NHS. As the Foot Ball Lads alliance and the Tommy Robinson fa s chant for an English White working class that knows it place. It's what Brexit is all about. Fascism stalks our land..Come on Belgium...take the English state down...

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