Wednesday, 30 October 2019


As the shade of February 1974 haunts us once more. It begins to dawn on many that the fear of Corbyn us very great. On the right in many parties they knows that Corbyn losing is not the issue. The real fear is that he may win and that prospect haunts some across all political parties. There is no middle ground anymore, there never really was . There is no middle ground between equality and inequality, between health and ill health, between privatisation and public ownership, between a Green New Deal and corporate control, between diversity and xenophobia and between hope and hate. There never was, there never will be and there never can be. This is the time where we choose between Socialism or Barbarism. Its now the time to choose. On the eve of Samhain we choose between the ghosts of hate or the better angels of our nature . As the Lib Dems stare at the "precious" of minisisterial cars, power and privilege the rest of us see what lies behind the shrill voice of Swinson and the weedy and bland nazgul who are as ambitious as Lucifer and as chill as a lizard.#CorbynbyChristmas Corbyn is a natural campaigner and the election will be about public services . ...

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