Thursday, 24 October 2019

Where there is fear there is power...general election mow

And so it would be easy to give in to fear that the right are promoting. It would be easy to run from the hate and ignorance flowing from the soul of Dominic Cummings far from a general election. As time goes by we see the emeshment between the Tory business interests and that of the Liberal Democrats long built and laboured for and brought to maturity during the Coaltion years. It's tendrils even reach into certain sections of the Labour right. The real issue now becomes do you rally behind the radical policies of Labour over climate change, a citizens income and ownership of the forces of production by ordinary people? Or run away?. It would be easy for the 'good old boys once radical to give in and run back to Blair with his wars and death of ideology. But what would be the point? What would it solve or do ? It would take us back to the good old rotten system beloved of all those afraid and blinded by uncertainty. It's easy as we are afraid of death to run desperate and clinging to the parody of ourselves. There is another choice taken by many to enter into the collective wisdom of all who face mortality. We all have our experiences, our losses our retreats, regrets and our hopes. Where there is fear there is power and we must choose which one we use. Two clear choices emerge now. Do we cling on desperately as the ledge of existence that we are on contracts or breaks apart? Or do we see the possibilities of what can be and climb or fly further? Long ago Homer told us long ago that the Gods envy us because we will never be again. That is a blessing because we create uniquely our own experiences and deeds. Each of us is responsible for our actions and achievements. So let us be brave and take down the bastards.. a few weeks ago I read a comment about myself from one Annemarie on a Neath Facebook group that my major flaw was that ' I never agreed with what anybody else thkught" ..perhaps that's the problem Annemarie ...

As Republicans in Congress storm SA like to stop a testimonial against Trump. As Mark Hancock whips up fear over immigration with vile leaflets in his constituency . As Franco is driven from his Fascist mausoleum and buried in obscurity let us begin again. It's time to draw up hope and not hate . It's time to talk of direction and not determination. As fear once more becomes a tool of statecraft we must choose the opposite and build unity and respect. The good old boys don't want that. They want a docile work force, an uncritical electorate and division everywhere. Some of the good old boys are just afraid and some quite aware of what they are doing. This coming election is about far more than Brexit . Brexit is a means to obscure the reality of the rotten system defended by the Tories, the Lib Dems and certain individuals of the Labour right. It's time to cast aside the fear and pick up the hope. It's time to embrace the future as did the great Labour government of 1945.

I have been writing the blog 'All Too Human" now for four years and during that time my faith in humanity and socialism has grown. I know that in a few years a spring will come that I will never see. Yet that thought is a sweet one and a pause from struggle. All we can do is campaign, educate and resolve the issues: challenges and possibilities of our time. It can be no other way it never could be. We can run to denial and dread or we can march forward sharing our experiences and possibities. Where there is fear there is indeed power. That power enables transformation and change let us use it now and cast away fear and loathing. It's time Labour in December have nothing to lose but your chains.. Corbyn by Christmas

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