Tuesday, 1 October 2019

On October 1 2019

t's October 1 as I switch on the Radio while waiting at the bus stop the tones of Jo Swinson invades my ears. I love the Scottish accent as I do the Irish yet there is something about her voice that makes me wretch. Perhaps it is a hidden misogyny carried by all mean since the birth of patriarchy, perhaps it's the obvious naked ambition that she wants Tory remain votes to regain seats in the South West, perhaps it is more likely to be her right wing market analysis and simplistic outlook. Her commitment to supporting a no deal solution is about to be sacrificed in the same way that the tuition fees promises were Anyway all I have to say is #bolloxtoswinson and I note her position is putting many people off her and her Fib Dems...there is only one candidate to replace Boris Johnson...every National Government has been a right wing one and as the Liberal Democrats move to the right we see their long term aims and desires...

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