Friday, 18 October 2019

Friday`s political musings.........

I reach the bus stop as the thunder roars and the rain falls down. As Saturday nears we ask what comes next? we all risk that in our rush for freedom from Brexhaustion we embrace a future that takes us to a bargain basement existence Singapore like stuck between Europe and Donald Trump .For who are the tears shed? Who shall we weep for? Whose future will be sold? Who will embrace the crypto fascism stalking the land? And who will not? As the light grows on a dark wet Friday morning we all have so many issues to understand. Workers rights and environmental rights are being stripped away as people panic and shoot up deep into the arm a dose of Brextasy. And as the most vulnerable bare their throats to the wolves of the extreme right we wait hypnotized by the spectacle. Brexhaustion leads us all to a savage karmas.......

 So now we have the DUP in a nutshell. They do not want to give up the Unionist stranglehold on power in Northern Ireland.the Northern Ireland Assembly has 40 unionists 39 nationalists and 11 unsigned and others. Let's watch the fun. The Protestant ascendancy lives and their heart is made clear and will be weighed and found wanting.. .I feel an extension coming on,a confirmatory vote and a vote of no confidence.. ...dear DUP your outlook philosophy and discourse shows you have nothing in common with the rest of us's time for a united Ireland.. you pre enlightenment bigots of the DUP have been diverging from us since Descartes..

 Astrologer predicts the fall of Boris Johnson ...I was sent this. I find it most intriguing. For the materialists hold you scepticism more and listen. It seems to suggest that Boris Johnson will be gone by early November. Perhaps what is often thought of as prediction is merely a cultural discourse written in an other way...perhaps wishfulfimenr on my part...or an aspect of the conscience collective of Durkheim or the collective unconscious of for me I am just a Social Anthropologist...and treat the technical jargon as you would that of an economists or a weather forecaster.. the fascinating aspect is to observe what happens next.

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