Friday, 22 November 2019

Labour embraces Ecosocialism....

A change is going to come the Labour manifesto..The signs stir, the omens reveal themselves and critics, political soothsayers and activists begin to notice something just below the surface. Anecdotally Labour activists tell me of people ask I g for posters. Canvassers tell me of a swing beginning to Labour. On radio 4 I hear Adam Price channel and plagiarize a Corbyn new deal green industrial revolution. I smile to myself as I sense a discourse change. Polly Toynbee the arch social democrat praises the Labour manifesto as ambition versus Tory managed decline. Johnson flees the leaders debate as the NHS replaces Brexit as the main election issue. Rosseau replaces Hobbes as the right resurrects Maureen Lipmann forgetting that in 2014 she poured bile on the Jewish Ed Milliband for being too left wing.
The Tories create fake Twitter accounts and fake websites. Dominic Cummings and his propaganda is failing fast as the discourse changes. I notice that Jo Swindleson is quieter and I suspect that as the Fib Dem campaign falters she will be drawn back to defend her vulnerable constituency from the SNP. I suspect she will lose her seat . Within Wales they draw back their forces seeking to defend their pleasant but bland leader Jane Dodds. I suspect that you would now find Frank H Little and Robert Francis scuttling around the highways and byways of the constituency. As panic behind to rise...the puppets of the Lib Dem reveal the nature of the puppet masters their neo liberal gods of destiny.

The number registering to vote moves from a powerful current to a mighty flood. As we see Labour the first major party in western europe to adopt an ecosocialist manifesto hope stirs and people wake up. Thousands begin to dare to hope. They grasp it's audacity and we see our master project their hate onto the manifesto. Yet we know that nearly 70% of people feel that corporations and capitalism hold none of the answers. Something dramatic is coming on the full moon.
I am so disappointed with my old party the Green Party for their centrist alliance with the Fib Dems. I regularly speak to Greens flowing to the Labour Party. As the NHS becomes the manor issue and Brexit receeds the criticism and claim of being to the left of Labour is shown wanting in their arrangement with the austerity loving Fib Dems.. oh what a falling off their was.

I am really surprised at the centrist concerns of Molly Scott Cato as it appears she too drifts to the soggy centre. I have long respected her for her scholarship and knowledge and am very surprised. I know the concerns of Graham Law and Jim Scott honorable radical and eco socialist greens about this direction. Come with us to an eco socialist future it's beginning now. As the dogs begin to bark we know that we are doing our job. They call us simple minded fools yet if it is simple minded to think that all people are worthy of a warm home and a fulfilling life then I am simple minded. If it is foolish to believe that we should spend money on the vulnerable and outcast then I am a simple minded fool . And I am delighted to take with us the millions of other simple minded fools who agree with our radical socialist manifesto. I hear the Tories desperate and afraid, I see Johnson run from debate, I hear the spite, anger and despair in the voice and tone of frightened Tories. A change is going to come....the commentators know, the Tories know and in the hearts of the poor and oppressed the audacity to hope begins.. while the hate of those who want us to know our place and our role is denied and projected onto us.. think of Churchill saying a Labour victory in 1945 would lead to a new Gestapo...there is nothing new under the sun for the desperation of our rulers's time now

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