Thursday, 21 November 2019

The faith of Socialism

I  am a 1970s socialist because of 2010s 'liberals" like Jo Swindleson and their austerity and policies of privatisation . I am a 1970s socialist because of New Labour and it's tinkering with capiralism They adjusted income but did nothing about the distribution of wealth. They promoted Public Finance Iniatives and fought a hideous war killing millions. I have always been a socialist from the 1970s because it was the only analysis that made sense and offered an alternative. I am a 1970s socialist because it was a criticism of the austerity and semi monetarism of the Callaghan years. I hold it up as a badge of honour because I want to solve the problem of those who work but do not own and those who own but do not work. I want people to own the place they work at and that they are the first responsibility of the business and not the shareholders. I am a 1970s socialist because the health service and education system is a service and not a business. I am a 1970s socialist because I support an education system that is about critical thinking and not about serving our corporate master. I am a 1970s socialist becaus I believe that we must sweep away the Public Schools, the House of Lords and the whole Honours system. I am a 1970s socialist because I want a written constitution and a citizens income. I am a 1970s socialist because I support the right of numerous ethnic, sexual and gender identities. I am a 1970s socialist because of your austerity Jo Swinson because while you are a woman you are not a sister. Your friends will call me misogynist because I criticise you. Yet you were the misogynist supporting welfare cuts, privatisation and the bedroom tax. It was your policies Jo Swinson that through austerity killed 120,000 people. That's misogyny Jo, robbing families of mothers, suppressing income and slashing services. I am a 1970s socialist because I have sat with the victims of your policies Jo Swinson in DWP offices and tribunals . And you have the fucking nerve to dismiss those like me on an equivalence scale with the old Etonians bully boys of the Bullingdon?.
I am a 1970s socialist because I don't believe that my attitude to Brexit is a litmus test of everything that matters. I am a 1970s socialist because I don't excuse homophobes and bigots because of ambition and of being remainers.

I am a 1970s socialist because I don't believe that someone like yourself who is a parody of the head prefect of a private school from a novel of the 1920s or 1930s. I am a 1970s socialist because I believe in self determinism of the people's of these islands. I do not look the other way Jo because I deny the Scottish people a second referendum but want to deny the reality of the UK European referendum of 2016.

I am a feminist and a peace maker and a supporter of the identity of all enabled to discover who they are and to be able set out on a journey of self discovery I am a 1970s socialist because I don't believe that moderation is a virtue and is rather a statistical average of unthinking and prejudice. There are no moderate positions when confronting fascism and racism, poverty and injustice. I am a 1970s socialist because of the Blairs, Swinsons and moderates that I meet.

Since 2008 the economic system gas been cracking and breaking . We have had years of Corporate Welfare with pay outs for the rest, we have bailed out the bankers and the plutocrats. I am a 1970s socialist because we can't go back to the way things were prior to 2008. The tragedy is that Jo and her friends don't even realise what has happened or indeed have the tools to analyse it. You don't even realise that your actions are what caused Brexit and the rejection of neoliberalism. So I raise the Red Banner and stand below it.. That's why I am a 1970s socialist...

And you Jo are simply a means by which the ruling class can keep on ruling. You are the means by which the structure of the existing system would be preserved. You are Jo with your party hooked into grandiosity and narcissism and you are completely unaware of reality.

When they tell you that Socialism is not possible and ask where it has ever worked..remind them of socialust ideas that have burst into fruit. Remind them of the NHS free state education and social housing. Remind them of tolerance care for the vulnerable and an approach that simply says we are social beings and that all things are measured by how we relate to others. Remind them that individualism is a myth, none of us live like Robinson Crusoe in splendid isolation. The socialist approach is predicated on being intradependent and aware of our community. The modern libertarian so often mistakes their narcissism for their individuality. They mistake their prejudices for their common sense. They fail to see how their collective experience of supposed indivuduality controls them from the attitudes they have to the clothes they wear. Virtually every one will place on their social media presence pictures of their house, their partner and the things they own. I have seen so many of them claim that Socialism has never worked and yet we have never heard them say what they feel or what hopes they have. They claim that society is a myth and that they simply bring up their family.. Yet they are blind to a system that makes them predictable and trite.

I often find that many of this grouping have poor self awareness, lack the capacity to doubt themselves and have great problems seeing how others experience society. They deny racism because they don't experience it. They deny sexism but do not see how their assumptions are sexist. It's a great shock and truly humbling experience to see your edges, your blind spots and your prejudices.
This week i have read two reports by a distinguished academic, diagnosing personality disorders in two young women. It occurred to me that perhaps it is society that has the personality disorder and that what we are seeing is a response to the society we live in. We are continually told how we must be, what we must look like and what we should think. Why is it that the mist vulnerable are so easily classified as having disorders? Why is that those classified as such are predominately female, of another ethnicity or faith? Those who classify such disorders are people of power, wealth and of another social class. Could we not ask why those who are more creative, more unsure of certainty and of simple answers are treated so? The term "Alienist" springs to mind and I remember how diversity and difference is more likely to create a whole society. Those who mock hope are the murderers and the abusers of those who seek difference. They fear a different society and they know so little history and ate the least creative.

William Morris, Oscar Wilde Virgina Wolffe...were the most troubled, the most imaginative and the most able to suggest that another world was possible. For someone to dream of difference means that they must be able to walk in another's shoes and to ask the question... What If? Some months ago I saw a meme that said simply " if you don't fit in fuck off". It sadly said all that was necessary. Oscar Wilde wrote of the soul of man under socialism and how it was the only way for us to truly become who we should be. Capitalism is the personality disorder that affects us reduces us to the price mechanism and the creates a matrix of conformity and control. Each crisis of capitalism has been greater than the last. It has not even worked since the crisis of 2008 and as we reach closer and closer to the next we realise that if automisation or robotics do not help us then humanity faces a future of barbarism.

Socialism is not a dream if we cannot reach it then unfetted growth and the exhaustion of materials will rest of us all. The question of achieving socialism is now a necessity not a dream. The narcissistic forces of the right threaten us all with destruction. Capitalism has never worked, it's a process not a system. Socialism is a system and it's growth has been a process of self awareness and perception. It is either Socialism or Barbarism and there is no alternative. Those who ask the question where has socialism ever worked would be better to ask where has capitalism ever worked? The centrists miss the point and the right has never seen the reality of capitalism. They hide within their mythical castles that gave never existed. As they say when you are neurotic you build castles in the air and when you are psychotic you move in. The narcissist have been living there for a long time. Socialism is the only therapy possible to build a sane, balanced and authentic sustainable society. Capitalism is the psychosis and it's adherents are hhose possessed by it's delusions. It's time to see the truth and understand the plague that affects us..

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