Friday, 29 November 2019

Political thoughts on black Friday..

.As a third Labour canvasser is violently threatened by far right thugs.. and as we hear of broken ribs and a broken jaw in two others the Tories threaten Channel 4 over their licence for daring to make a symbolic point with ice sculptures. As Boris sends for daddy and Michael Gove the stench of Weimar floats across our land. The heirs of the SA menace the left on the streets and IDS bleats about graffiti on his office. As the song of a government broadcasting organisation pumps out their tune sung as a duet with Johnson "I've got you, Beeb" we see how high the stakes are becoming. Yesterday I taught a course on the book by Hannah Arendt on Totalirianism and i saw the 2019 election looking back at us 

The stakes are heightening. As Labour launches regional manifestos real action is planned on years of neglect by Tories and Blairite Labour of the left behind As Labour renews itself bringing green jobs and hope we see that Corbyn must win. As Adam Price reveals the dependency of Plaid on the chemical farmers of rural Wales leading him to deny or forget basic principles of animal ecology we see realuty. Last night two young people new activists within the party tell me the enthusiasm they see around them and take loads of leaflets away to deliver. The swing is coming.. As the Bullinngdon bullies and their informal "sympathizers" act out impiied intimidation and propaganda in equal measure. With 11 campaigning days to go we see the rise of post modern crypto fascism as an electoral tool. After December 12th all will be clear and all revealed. Yet as we await the results the threat grows to the creation of a new casino capitalist tax havened 'Weimar' awaiting a new Hitler and a new Dr Gobbels...Johnson is the Sorceror's apprentice releasing demonic forces and monstrous possibilities ...beware the creatures of the abyss...welcome to black Friday....on the last day of registering to vote 459,000 overwhelmingly signed up ...there is a world to win..but the choice could not be starker...

My neighbours don't drink at the local
Or have kippers for breakfast like me
The food that they eat smells disgusting
They'd rather drink coffee than tea
It's true that their kids are respectful
They gave me their seat on the bus
But it's just that there's so many of them
That I fear what will become of us
I'm not racist, all I want is
To make things how they used to be
But change is strange and
Nobody's listening to me
I cheered when our side won the Cold War
Spread freedom and peace all around
Now there's folks speaking Russian in Tesco's
It's a shame the wall had to come down
I know some are fleeing from war zones
To keep their young children from harm
But my parents stayed put through the Blitz years
And me? I was sent to a farm

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