Tuesday, 23 May 2017

After Manchester..it would be easy to respond with hate........

After Manchester.........

It would be easy to respond with hate. It would be easy to call for the curtailment of civil rights. it would be easy to call for strong powerful controls to be imposed but no security, no controls or iron walls could protect us all.. There is no protection against the individual with a knife, a rogue car driver or a bomb. . There is a solution that involves economics, social fragmentation and culture.
The solution is contained within control of the arms trade , of not supporting theocracies and tyrants , of dealing with the impact of poverty and globalisation , of dealing with inequality and of teaching the art of critical thinking to guide people away from fundamentalists and simple solutions. The cause of violence is fed by shark skinned arms dealers of American Presidents ignoring reformers and supporting autocrats.
The answer does not lay with demonising others, turning to the demagogic figures of the right. There are many who want you to fear ,who want you to hate and propel them to power The far right waits in the shadows figures lurk across the UK and they want you to hate. . it is their oxygen of their ambitions.. The hatred is out there all it takes is for us to reach out for it and the possession will be complete. We must not allow this to happen
Those who benefit from such horror must not be assisted and many of us know exactly who you are ..I have seen the words you have spread across social media ..The vjscious hatred, the simplicity of your messages and the self loathing you project and displace outwards.....No Pasaran...No terrorist campaign has ever been beaten by security, counter terrorism or force .Every one has been ended by dealing with the causes, solving problems and facing up to the solutions.
it is always the young who die, it is always the innocents.......not those who cause these horrors and not those who benefit or seek power on the back of such horrors.....The rain cries for the victims, the bus is silent, people respond in two ways ..on one Facebook page my words of sorrow are vilified on others people add thoughts, their own sorrows and their own fears...this is a nightmare but it would be so easy for all of us to strike back

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