Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kafka or Brecht.?..a scene from the 2015 election...revisited......

A scene from the 2015 election

Am not sure if it was like a scene from Kafka or Brecht. The scene is set on a bridge berween Tesco and the Aberafan shopping centre. The Green party first appears and sets up their stall. A bemused group of Jehoveh Witnesses are already there. Next Plaid appears followed by a tall man called Steven Kinnock appears followed by members of the Labour Party. They demonstrate their commitment to environmental awareness by handing out plastic bags with Labour slogans on them and plastic balloons that periodically explode. At the end of the bridge sit two homeless people observing the scene...no one but the Greens talk to them. Every now and then a man moves across the scene with a " vote Green poster" on the front of his mobility scooter moves stage left to right and back again. A man in his late fifties wearing a dark Fedora hat observes. The scene ends when two elderly Ukippers appear looking confused and unsure..........
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