Monday, 8 May 2017

We are flawed but the Left has the Music......

There was something very symbolic about Macron striding on stage to music of Ode to Joy" , Beethoven suggests an outward looking approach, the enlightenment and knowledge. What do we have here but the dirge of God Save the Queen with its questionable seventh verse about the Scottish. There could not be a greater contrast between England and France now. Although 33 % of the French voted for Lepen there was still an enlightenment feel about the rejection. And although Macron is a centreist banker the coutse is now clear for Melanchron and a new Left as it is here for people like Corbyn, Caroline Lucas and  Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru.   
May's Tories make us here seem more like Lepen . We look inwards, we appear narrow , our knowledge and culture lacking. We are a nation of conservatives...and what conservatives ever wrote great-grandchildren philosophy, changed the paradigm or was as daring, or took the risks necessary ! I quoted a letter of apology to our European friends in Facebook this weekend. The abuse I got back was phenomenal...I was a cunt , I was anti helped me add 30 names to my blocked list ...
There is something so dark about the people we are becoming. Our minds are closing and Theresa May summarises it all. It is nothing but empiricism tempered by prejudice. 
I wonder if in an election between a Marine Le Pen type and a Macron like figure would the Left Pen Figure be rejected by the same proportion. Would it be 60 to 40 or 55 to 45. I do wonder.

Of course we know that France had the lowest turnout for 50 years some 74% but that was about our highest turnout ever! The local Council elections had a turnout of about 30% and I will be surprised if the general election hits 50%, Here our. Politics is sick the Corbynistas are sneered at as are the Greens and yet within social media something of the left stirs. The left wing blogs are having a readership Approaching that of the conventional media. Young people are registering to vote and at the nadir, at the turn of the tide I detect seeds of optimism. The popularism right has been turned back in Holland, as the Green Left surged. It has been turned back in France...who knows what strange new alchemy will grow here in the UK in the next few weeks.

There is a savage thirst for a new politics here . I am ashamed of what we appear to be but as the X50 moves towards Clydach and the Sun shines suddenly a sense of optimism rises in be and I laugh at the narrow conservatives who sneer at people like me and I reflect that when they sneer they never risk anything , never tell us anything and never create anything worthwhile or interesting. Their purpose is to close minds, choke creativity and strangle hope .i am coming for you ,you narrow bigots...I give you advanced warning ....what a sterile and brutal thing is this conservatism of the human soul...we lefties are flawed but we have the music    


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