Monday, 22 May 2017

Political Reflections.....Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad...are the Tories suffering from Hubris ?

I reflected this morning on Monotheism in politics culture and religion. I see that when the Islamic State had captured the ancient city Palmyra. The city is rich is historical artefacts and buildings. I thought of the destruction of the Ancients Buddha in Afghanistan, I thought of the Conquistadors destroying the artefacts of the Aztecs and Mayan peoples. The early Christians defacing and destroying carvings, mosaics and paintings in the Egyptian Pyramids and of Stalin's Russia destroying the environment of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. I moved on to think of the denial by the Republican Right in the USA of climate change and our stewardship of Gaia. In all cases it seems that dead men with beards or elderly men make decide what is wrong and what is right. And I remember why I am a polytheist spiritually, politically and culturally. When we choose simply that there is a wrong way and a right way we
open the doors to wars of religion ,ideology and dominance. There are numerous ways and there always have been.....

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad” Euripides Was he talking about Boris Johnson ? has Hubris done the same to Theresa May ?

I heard  this last year while coming into the clinic to write my blog Boris Johnson had claimed last year

“The truth is that the history of the last couple of thousand years has been broadly repeated attempts by various people or institutions -- in a Freudian way -- to rediscover the lost childhood of Europe, this golden age of peace and prosperity under the Romans, by trying to unify it,”Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically.”
Boris and Theresa  do not understand Freud or indeed history. If he understood History he would know that the Roman Empire was not a nation state. It was a multicultural, society that formed a basis of toleration and culture, that it laid the foundations for so much of our European history, language and culture. The nation sate is a product of the nineteenth century. There is no historical consistency that you can trace from the Roman to the European Union.

  They do not understand Freud ether because if they did they would see that they were projecting h fantasies onto the EU. Jung would talk about the shadow and how we see the darkness within ourselves on institutions and other individuals that represent them. Hitler like the Conservatives never won a majority of popular votes , like Ukip they blamed the migrants, the Nazis Jews and anyone but themselves and the nature of the system.

The truth is in at least 2 out of 3 cases we always find that those people wanting to remain in Europe are better educated, more tolerant, more perceptive, deeper thinking, younger more aware of paradox and not knowing within themselves, more tentative and less sure. They are less easily fooled, see through scapegoating, reflect more on their life experienced and have travelled more and know more about other cultures and less like to have gone to Eton.
Napoleon laid the foundations for modern Germany and Italy, he promoted learning and though he was authoritarian, promoted the ideals of the enlightenment, laid the foundation for the Romantic movement of the twentieth Century and promoted women equality. Too many of Boris equivalents in the 20s and 30s had a soft spot for Hitler, were anti Semitic, anti working class and anti trade union. If we leave Europe we will lose workers rights, we loose environmental protections and we drift closer towards a fragmented Europe f that will endanger peace and progress. I know you Boris Johnson and your ilk ..I see what you are about.....I heard how you sneered at Barack Obama , when you called him “half Kenyan” I have too have been to an English prep School and I know what is said in that culture about people of other races and other classes.....I know you Boris Johnson and your ilk..........

I see it in Paul Nuttal and in Farage it is disturbing...but who knows who could have imagined the football crowds chanting Jeremy Corbyn over and over..something very odd is happening. 

Another Poll today shows Tory lead down. In fact it's halved since last week. The effects of Brexit seem to be fading as a large issue.Perhaps people are waking up to implications of Tory policy on social care. I enjoyed watching Piers Morgan saying that his children were going to vote for Corbyn. Piers Morgan just didn't get what's going on in social media. There are clearly two elections going on and film from football grounds of cheers for Corbyn begin to attest to a different pattern happening. We know that, two million people have registered to vote , many of whom are young voters .
I note the Tories in desperation are bringing out things said in the 80s and yet they forget to mention the arms dealers traveling with Theresa May, and in the 80s Thatcher's support for Pinochet. In Saudi Trump supports Arab autocratic and turns his back on a reforming Iran. How stupid,how partial  is the analysis of the right. Corbyn condemned all bombing campaigns will our right wing leaders condemn the arms trades...? I think not...

Perhaps we stand on the edge of something else, perhaps there is a wake up call taking effect..17 days to go.......perhaps we stand on the frontiers of an unknown country.....I do hop so.

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