Thursday, 18 May 2017

Democracy dies in the USA.......with a Nixonian sub text

Democracy is dieing in the USA. We have two main parties both corporate in outlook. Bernie Sander"s movement has yet to reform the Democrats. The electorate and the Trump movement is washed in ignorance, despair and unable to distinguish between critical thinking and fake news. Every criticism is seen as part of a left wing conspiracy. The curse of late Athenian democracy haunts both the USA and the European states. The demagogic politicians have taken over and there is no reality.

In America at best, we have a demagogue with a thin skin and a large ego and at worst a gangster billionaire corrupt with a desire to bully, dominate and control the truth. In the UK a Vicars daughter who believes in nothing but power and slogans battles against a gentler kinder and subtler leader of the Labour party. Crude nationalism of the English kind unfurls the flag and demonized reasonable thought and speculation. A vile pair of politicians , May and Trump slouch towards a plutocratic Bethlehem .The new age is an age of bling and bland meaning. The Liberal Democrats are led by a man who is unsure of his world view...we cannot tell if he is of St Augustine of Hippo with his belief in original sin or a modern believer in the enlightenment belief of original blessings. A subtle and well thought out Labour manifesto and a Green Party setting the progressive agenda but are ignored by a stupid right wing media and press. There is no room for debate except on social media and the left seems able to reach many but scarcely enough. The SNP seem increasingly right wing and Nicola Sturgeon seems more Thatcher like everyday. Piers Morgan's sneering face stares out at us all a fitting bland simpleton for the age of May and Trump

If John McCain a narrow mean minded conservative thinks that the crisis in the Whitehorse is approaching Watergate in scope then it says it all. I understand that Trump has such a low attention ability that his aides place his name in every paragraph so that he keeps reading. We have an egotistical 70 year old toddler in the Whitehouse ..... 


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