Friday, 5 May 2017

The morning after the local elections

And on the morning after...we see the collapse of councillors elected so far. Greens are up by five. In Swansea Labour hold 2 seats in the Uplands and gain a seat in Dunvant and top the poll in Sketty.gaining another. Ioan Richards seat in Mawr goes the end his legacy of insipid conservatism delivers the real thing. In Neath Plaid gains 7 seats and both Nasty Nick crashes and burns in Tonna and in Resolven and the Communication director for UKIP standing as an independent fails to win. But the knife has been seized as UKIP transmits it's working class voters to the Tories. UKIP is dead long live prejudice, xenophobia and right wing philosophy now safely ensconced within the Tory party. 

Many good people who deserved to win did not and many bland, unimaginative and unpleasant people did. But it's rather like life and this morning I look out and see the pale face of Vince Cable explain the poor Liberal Democrat performance.jn Swansea they lose a further​ 5 seats ..Can I vote for this pallid party tactically ....everything revolts within me ....I I shout Camus quote ' I rebel therefore I am' on with the struggle.....if you can't say it's Corbyn not May don't get my tactical vote... I know Mr Cable what you did in was betrayal...and I don't think you are fooling anybody. The left must build by being community campaigners , showing how joined up thinking and activism links micro and macro politics . The answer must come from a communitarian libertarian socialism .

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