Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Of Sitting Bull and Trump as Nixon: American thoughts.

Yesterday I heard  Radio 4`s programme Great Lives it was on the life of Sitting Bulk of the Sioux. He resisted the destruction of the Sioux by the American state. It would have been impossible for the USA to be formed without the liquidation of the Sioux. Sitting Bull did what was necessary to resist. He turned to violence after a mass hanging of the Sioux. It was the biggest hanging in history and the gallows formed a gigantic rectangle. He took the name Sitting Bull after lighting and smoking his pipe in the midst of a battle. 

The bullets raged around him without one hitting him. He was seen as a mystic figure and contributed to the ghost dance movement. It was an attempt to restore the old ways and return the Sioux to their former glory. He new that there was no alternative but to rise up and fight back. The massacre of the native people of North America was genocide worthy of a he Third Reich it was sustained, planned and systematic. Sitting Bulls resistance was brave, necessary and clear. He was betrayed and shot.. how dare Trump and his bullies moan about immigrants . It is the Europeans who settled there as immigrants . It's is the murderers of the American state who peddled the propaganda that the Indians were was the biggest projection and displacement in history. The vile acts of the USA were passed onto to the natives and the myth of the wild west was born. The problem is that too many people still think through a lens of John Wayne and the cowboy fantasy. I don't think Trump has ever read a history book or ever understood the meaning of truth and justice. Sitting Bull should be remembered and celebrated ..

And now Trump sacks the Director of the FBI in the middle of his invistigation into links between Trump's campaign and the Russians. Not even Nixon went this far . Fascism is coming to the USA....Nixon tried to fire the special prosecutor into Watergate and the Attorney General refused not this time.....Watergate unfolded slowly I wonder if it will be similar here...

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