Tuesday, 30 May 2017

For your souls sake vote for the Left on June 8th...

 In the end when you look at the faces of  Jeremy Corbyn Caroline Lucas, and Leanne Wood you see kindness, analysis and respect for the broken and damaged in our society. In the end you see that the solutions they offer are inclusive, welcoming and strong. You see the pinched faces of the Blue-kip Tories with their hard eyes and the sneer across their faces so apt;y seen in the face of Karen Bradley as supreme Tory spin doctor in  Monday's leader debate.
In the end it comes down to who you are really deep inside. Its the emotion for me of seeing my son, seeing my lover. It comes down to reaching outwards, it's about knowing the history, literature and culture of Europe. It's about experiences of traveling, knowing the smell of the air in the countries of Europe, it's about smiling about our own odd little ways and theirs. Its about knowing what we share together and not what keeps us apart. Its about coping with the fear of change within ourselves and not about denying it and projecting it on to the other. Its about how the Soul of man under Socialism is more alive , more expansive and more aware.

It's knowing that there is more than one book, that there is no us and them. It's about knowing that Tom Paine prior to his pamphlet “Common Sense” reminded the English that they were always part of Europe, its about knowing that Europeans want equal access to knowledge and education. It's about knowing that the French think one way, the Germans another, it's about knowing that the Magna Carta was imposed by French Knights, and the Glorious Revolution by a Dutch Army, that Christmas Trees were a Victorian tradition tradition that came from Germany. Its about knowing that a ruling elite never surrenders it rule easily or gently. Its about how we walk with the broken and the abandoned. Its about having fun, laughing and being kind. Its about knowing that you find prejudice everywhere but you also find empathy.

It's about knowing that even if you have been wrong or broken the law , your argument is still as important and emotional and uplifting. It's about knowing that we are all immigrants, that we all came out of Africa, that our ancestors were all economic migrants, that Aaron banks that great saint of the kippers refused has no real loyalty to anything other than his pocket. It about knowing that the conspiracy of conservatism is simply about hanging on to privilege. That conservatism to quote Mill is empiricism tempered by prejudice. Its about knowing that in the words of Henry James that you can never say the last word on anybodies heart.   

It's about knowing and feeling in your heart, tolerance, understanding for the refugee, the victim of domestic abuse, the broken and the outcast. It's about daring to think in new ways it's about crossing over to new solutions and new perspectives. It's about not liking self assurance, those who are blaming the other, the little Englander and the simplistic Tory analysis or the Daily Mail.

It's about seeing how Shakespeare was influenced by those European ideas stretching back to the Greeks. It's about seeing how the latest Edition of Big Brother shows how important the works of Freud and Darwin were. It's about celebrating both popular and high culture and. It's about appreciating that Nietzsche was not a Nazi and that Margaret Thatcher was no friend of the Welsh. It's about seeing situations with new lenses and new filters. It's about understanding that we make new wines in both new and old vessels. It's about seeing the Mediterranean Sea and smelling the. And finally its about possibilities, hope and respect. That is why I am voting Labour in Brecon and Radnor and urge you all to vote Green, Labour and Plaid appropriately and with your heart.

Its about the symbolism of voting for a Green left view, what it will lead to, how it will be interpreted. Its about how by looking at the threat of Isis, we forget the evil and poison of the far right. Its about what will come next if the Tories win big.. Its about the fact that the right-wingers  worship the “free market” and the privatization of the NHS.I look at Theresa May, Karen Bradley and Boris Johnson and I feel a revulsion deep down in my soul, in my mind and see them as abominations to all I have ever learnt, read, or felt. I would rather be a rebel than a slave. Its that important on June 8th...it really is.......

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