Wednesday, 17 May 2017

For Fox sake dont vote Conservative or UKIP

I wrote this ltwo years ago. We know Theresa <ay i supprts Fox huntingr quick a year goes. As relevant now as it ever was ........The threat of Fox Hunting ever returning fills me with horror, I remember the stench of the hounds from my first anti fox hunting action in the late 70s. I remember the loathsome individuals full of arrogance shouting and bullying my fellow protestors. I saw the lean and mean faces of the prohunters protesting at Peter Hain's house in Resolven some few years ago and I remember protesting outside the Castle Hotel in Neath at the Boxing Day hunt.
The way we humans treat our animals reveals how we are deep inside. If we can train hounds to rip other animals to pieces then it must reveal something of ourselves. Over the weekend I was walking with Hayley in Diamond Park in Ystradgynlais. We started chatting to a dog owner and his collie cross dog " Iris", Iris was about four years of age and is quite striking with one blue eye and one green eye. About four or five months ago young Idris had been out for a walk near the Crynant picnic area. He was attacked by a group of fox hounds being walked by "minders". The "minders" beat and beat thei r hounds to get them off him the little dog and it seemed that he would be torn to pieces. But despite the severe injuries the little dog had somehow survived. Perhaps she had fainted and survived the trauma that way i dont know....but its a story I cant get it out of my mind. Both Cameron and Farage are hunters if they enjoy this sport ....what can it say.....about what they have in store for us........I only trust the Greens on being resolutely against fox hunting. 
For Fox sake dont vote Conservative or UKIP

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