Wednesday, 24 May 2017

True Horror .. Manchester to Aleppo from severe to critical

True horror begins to spread as pictures of bodies are shown across the media. How can this happen to our children? the questions ask. But the papers do not show the arms dealers traveling with Theresa May to Saudi Arabia. Why do they hate us ? We are not shown pictures of missiles and bombs raining down the children of the Middle East. Theresa May appears on television having chaired,. the Cobra committee , soldiers are on the streets and the threat level is raised to "critical". Yet it is we who have begun the process and when we ask why they are coming after our children ? We are denied the truth by our media and politicians. There is no parliament, no one to ask questions .This is a right wing crypto fascists dream. The threat is external, the left silenced, police are supported by troops and the media whip ordinary people in a creeping demand for the suspension of basic liberties. Theresa need not worry anymore about social care, about privatization , about cut backs in the police force because everybody is looking outwards made afraid and anxious. It's the perfect time for a landslide election and she will have five years to do her worst. The military are on the streets because 20,000 police jobs have been cut since's that simple. 

The values that are hated are here. They are carried by the arms dealers, by the cabinet minister embracing Assad . The far right calls for violence and people fall for the women behind the desk _ she invokes the "spirit of Britain" and we line up like sheep. The tears we must shed are for all children killed by landmines, by bombs and by the evil that treats us all as pawns. We all see our children"s faces in the dead, we all shed tears and a pall settles over us. But it is those now claiming to lead us who began it all. Both we and the victims of Manchester and Aleppo are as sheep to the wolves who rule over us. The wolves allow the pigs of the authoritarian right to divide us and separate us from those who suffer and cry as we do. They cut us off from those whose children die by the arms made by British factories and our arms dealers traveling with our leaders. From the dead children in Manchester to the drowned children of the Mediterranean and the little drowned boy on the beach: the cause is the same and the culprits the same. Wake up and let the scales fall from your eyes...think...innocent children will die in foreign lands because of arms made here and sold by arms dealers supported by British politicians like Tony Blair and Theresa May....

When a homeless man goes into the devastation , when Muslim taxi drivers switch off their radios and meters, when local Mancunians take in survivors ...I know that love overcomes hate....and that vile politicians here and throughout the world are removed.....I know another world can be's written on the walls of Manchester, Paris and Brussels ...another world dawns

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