Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Franco like death of the government staggers on.

The Franco like death of the government staggers on. It's as if the superstructure of the media and it's friends in big business have now placed it on life support. It's a long interminable process towards it's fall. Yet the DUP and the Tory remainers know there is only one alternative government. When it comes to it they are the ones who supported the bed room tax, austerity and the attacks on the vulnerable I saw a tweet yesterday from Vince Cable yesterday bleating about socialism. I thought of him as if he was like a dinosaur with the light of the comet reflected in his eyes. When it comes down to it the DUP, the Tory rebels and the Liberal Democrats know what the only alternative is. They fear it, they fight it, they resist it but they know the only alternative Long ago as Franco lay near death the Spanish state did everything to keep him alive.They used technology,, they used lies, they used fear and loathing...yet in the end he slipped away. It will be like this with this government. It's fall will come.. it may be soon it may be later but it may be sooner than any think. Everyday a new crisis emerges and every day it's friends deny, obscure and practise the dark arts to keep it alive. Yet every day it nears and those of the oppressed and needy, in food banks, in the halls of the DWP wait and wait.. how do you sleep Liberal Democrats? knowing that the Parliament Act you supported will be the Maybots life line...how do you sleep.. we will never let this long Franco like death was mostly your creation..yet you know real eyes realise real lies....we are waiting and even May 2022 will eventually be here..but there are still many opportunities to remove this government some in the next few days and weeks...softly, softly capture Maybot...

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