Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The limits of men and masculinity..

The limits of men and masculinity....I have speculated on my age and outlook for the last few days. Perhaps it's because I seem to notice my Grandfather's face in the shaving mirror more and more every morning. Cohen sings about his hair being grey and aching in the places that he used to play.. It's true in my case and the hair is white...yet my mind is sharper and my tolerance of sexism racism transphobia and homophobia infinitely less. I am unforgiving of all prejudice both in myself and in others.

It follows that i am more critical of others and of social 'common sense'. I remember in particular being at a business meeting and had to leave temporarily to speak to a very distressed client of mine. When I returned I explained where I had been

A sneering voice from someone joked "Did they jump?" and laughed. I snapped at the individual and realised later in retrospect that probably they were themselves terrified of mental health issues and of emotions in general.

Later in that same meeting I witnessed the chairman of that meeting introducing a young female speaker. The first thing he commented on were her looks and not her ability. What the fuck is it with men and masculinity? Whst is is the problem with men and I include myself here as well.
I suspect that 10, 000 years of Patriarchal outlook is the simple answer. Yet still so many men do not see the Matrix that it is. I often think it's like fish who living all their lives in water...ask the question ... what's this water I keep hearing about? I am aware of the patriarchal conscipusnedd that is the reality of our lives. My senses are limited and varied........yet there are still many suffering from sensory blindness to the assumptions of masculinity and of the perceptions of too many men. It is men who have raved about witch hunts ...yet we must ask them first have you changed? What are your prejudices? Yet in so many cases the answer is merely silence...and that's not good enough

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