Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christine Keeler , the DUP Wednesday thoughts

The death of Christine Keeler should give us all time to reflect. The Profumo scandal should make us think about how things have changed. The irony is that Christine Keeper has died exactly 54 years on from her 9 month prison sentence. It is indeed ironic that Keeper herself was a clear illustration that young women were seen as as commodity to be shared by powerful men. We clearly see how things have changed..and all those bitter old men moaaning about a witchhunt about sexual harassment should reflect on the changes of the last 50 years. There is still a massive way to go both in terms of awareness and understanding by men. Please read the events that ocvuted here and consider that in 50 years the prejudices that both you and I have today. Tbey will be reflected in our comments and thoughts preserved for posterity on social media. .it will also be about remaining aware of prejudice concerning homophobic and transphobic attitudes.. Awareness of our prejudices and our blind spots is essential for the understanding if ourselves and if others..

 And here we have it the party of the Old Testament with its 10 votes will be the final determiner of the nature of our sovereignty. The 10 bigots of the DUP with their Calvinism holds sway over all of us. Never has a party so fundamentally different to any other political party or sense of being that belongs to any part of the UK. In insisting on being British the DUP shows clearly that it is an alien force having nothing to do with the Enlightenment let alone the 21rst century....let alone anything to do with the UK

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