Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Remembering Lily Jane Summers

Remembering Lily Jane Summers..It was this time last year when we lost Lily Jane Summers. I was on a train when I heard of her death. I was on a train heading to London and i read tribute after tribute to her. As a trans activist and socialist she had broken through the carrier to be selected as a candidate for the Uplands council seats. I met Lily a couple of times during the referendum campaign .as she put up with the abuse and mockery of all things tolerant and broad experienced during that campaign. She was always stoic and secure and she experienced the right wing bigoted trolls on social media. But wherever Lily is now.. she has broken through, has made her mark and weathered the prejudice. Those who are in the vanguard of change, those who change consciousness and understanding have very difficult times . Lily was in her early twenties when she weathered the winds of prejudice...we are all poorer since she left us...the bigots are still with us and the broflakes are still there.. but they are much weakened..thanks to people like Lilly ...rest in peace Lilly ..aĺl that was solid is melting into air....

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