Monday, 11 December 2017

I am the old Pagan deep in December....

I am the old Pagan deep in December....

Greeting to the Winter Solstice Brightener of Darkness, hail! Keeper of Clearness, Opener of the Depths Gifts of plenty are arising Winter wonders, white snows’ fall Joyful be the heart within us Open wide the guesting door Wisdom waken in abundance Warm our beings to the core --“Celtic Devotional” by Caitlin Matthews
I am the old Pagan deep in December I am fed up with being told that Christ is the reason fro Christmas. I am fed up with the call for saviours. The only saviour perhaps we need is the saviour who saves us from saviours. We need a Winter festival to celebrate mid-winter. All Societies from the beginning of time have celebrated the dance of the Sun . Mithras was said to have been been born on December 25 of a Virgin. The child of Light in the old Celtic Mythology was born at the Winter Festival. How odd it is that so few modern Christians ever point out that Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were refugees fleeing political repression. Of course today they would be unable to get back to Bethlehem today as the Israeli Government has built a gigantic wall preventing entrance to the Stable.

I am the wind that caresses the mountain
I am the salmon that leaps upstream
I am the deer that roams the forest
I am the eagle that soars in the sky
I am the flame in the fire that flickers
I am the raindrop, the rock and the tree
I am the sunbeam that warms a cold morning
I am the tear in a sad woman's eye
I am the breeze that builds to a tempest
I am the wave on the surface of the sea
I am the thought that changes to a word
Tell me:
Who might know the soul better than I?"
Brythonic Celt 539 AD

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