Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beware the evil alias..........of the evil David Rhys Thomas and don`t mention the racist Tonna independent......

The mysterious David Rhys Thomas..or beware my alias is everywhere
I just received a strange message that my friend David Rhys Thomas is in fact an alt of myself. David has been very effective in outing the racist candidate in The Tonna election for Neath Port Talbot Council. Councullir Hunt regards it as a serious matter and warns you to be vigilant against the numerous alias characters i have out there.What is more serious is the number of racist remarks and crypto fascists on his group that he ignores and David Rhys Thomas has been upsetting many of them.. isn't that your job as the sole administrator of your group Councillor Hunt? I am afraid that i will neither confirm or deny anything. Whatever you think my friend has done a good job....Here's to you David Rhys Thomas....Fighter off the far right and idiots everywhere ...I am sure that only those with thin skins and large egos have anything to worry about. ..Hehe..

Agter exposing Nasty Nick Williams of Tonna I see to have upset a group of the local independents. How interesting that Councillor Hunts anger is at me rather than the racists he takes within his group and shelters them.......oh well all I can say is for poor david Rhys Thomas  is

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