Thursday, 20 April 2017

The need for Left Unity in this General Election

We need Left Unity... ..

This is a unique election .This is a special situation it asks the left some serious questions. I think it would be wise for the progressive side of politics to consider and to explore what can be built around three main issues. These issues are to present an alternative to austerity. The challenge of climate change and proportional representation. A hard Brexit predicates right wing answers to all of these issues. It is in the interests of Labour, Plaid ,the SNP and the Greens to ponder on this matter.Speakingg for myself u would favour a solution where the Greens do not contest any seats in Wales and in England stand in string constituencies like Bristol West, Brighton and Hove and Norwich, Oxford, Cambridge and Lancaster. I have real worries about the Liberal Democrats they say they want a progressive alliance yet the words of Vince Cable yesterday fill me with concern. After all they began austerity by putting the Tories in power in 2010.They have a right wing commited to a market economy and it makes me uneasy. I live in Brecon and Radnor the Lib Dems are the main challengers to the Conservatives i would like to do more than to hold my nose and vote for them. I would like to endorse a progressive alliance but more must be done by the Lib Dems than they are doing.Ths us a vital election there will not be one like it for another100 years it is important that the left getts it right. I want Corbyn to become Prime,-minister at long last in England there. Is a real left alternative, Welsh Labour is still toxic and authoritarian and a bloody nose from Plaid in the local elections will help it reform.There are honourable Labour exceptions here and the Greens will break through at Council level.We are on the edge of a precipice and the next seven weeks are vital. It's funny though that the Tory press can scream about the SNP wagging the Labour dog and letting them dominate England.They fail to understand that England has dominated Scotland Wales and Ireland for many years.the union is dying , Scotland Wales and Ireland have little or no political similarity to England . The union is over as much as UKIP is. UKIP is in power in England but it calls itself the Conservative Party.A hard Brexit will complete the end of the UK. How ironic that English Nationalism was it's executioner.. a real irony.

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