Thursday, 27 April 2017

Let's sink UKIP (and the far right)

Let's sink UKIP (and the far right)

There are 1277 candidates from populist and far right parties standing in the county council, local, and mayoral elections taking place on 4th May: let's make sure they don't win. You can find a list of UKIP and far right candidates and where they are standing on our website. You will need to scroll down to see the lists by region.

They are down, lets put them out

Our brand new #let's call time on UKIP' leaflet is arriving next week, just in time for our weekend of action. So get orders your in quick, and we will get them dispatched to you.

You can order your leaflets here

Alternatively, there are plenty of our 'something fishy' leaflet (and indeed, our standard: HOPE trumps Hate, Migration and 'Love like Jo' leaflets)

No elections in your area?

Even if there is not a election taking place in your area there is still plenty to do. We still have plenty of leaflets pushing our messages: 'HOPE trumps hate' and 'Love like Jo' and of course our leaflets calling for a sensible conversation about immigration. You can order them here

Send in your reports (and ideas)

We love reading the reports of what you have been up to, and we love seeing your pictures, so please do send in updates and reports to And please do send in your ideas as well, we are always looking for a new angle that means we can get our message across more effectively.

And Finally, 

Let's not forget that on 17 June we will be part of the 'Great Get Together, with plans to organise opportunities for people across the country to come together. HOPE not hate's key objective is to ensure that wherever we are, we bring people together who may not necessarily believe that we have 'more in common than that which divides us'. With less than 10 weeks to the day, now would be a great time to call a local planning meeting. Let us know what your plans are and whether you need a speaker to help get you started.

Jo Cox, RIP

Many thanks to all our supporters

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