Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Time for a break and blog reaches 200,000 readers

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I am going to be after today till next Tuesday . It's my birthday on Friday
A few days break in North Wales beckons. I have loved the coast , the castles and the area since childhood. My ancestors amongst the numerous strands come in part from Bangor . My great aunt read Tarot cards and told fortunes on the front in Colwyn Bay in the 1890s. ASA child i have vivid memories of Conway castle , Rhyl and the Great and Little Orme. I am sure you will have a peaceful time and your feeds will be free of my posts. The world Ian sure will not miss my comments. However as i travel by the X50 the world is waking into spring and there will be many things to comment on after my return. My Blog " all to human" ( yes spelt like that it's called irony) has reached a readership of 206,000 in the last 17 months. You can also follow me on @fraterecat . It's been a long time since i have taken a break from social media and i am looking forward to the time off. There will be my usual observation s today and then silence. The blog has a couple of posts to publish today and I note that horrors around the world continue . It seems that Seren gas has been used on civilians and the crassness of our elected leaders continue on relentlessly , fake news abounds and a blandness clings to political debate. The right clings to simplistic solutions , Theresa May accuses the National Trust of being un Christian plays the God card while keeping. Quiet about Saudi Arms deals and human rights . While both she and Trump play up threats from abroad to hide domestic problems.And the kippers are just the same...Be good Gareth Hanford and Robert FrancisI​ I need a rest and a break......

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