Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Councillor Hunt of Seven Sisters and his knowledge of the Tides.........

Councillor Hunt of Seven Sisters and his question...What future guarantee do we have on energy supply from Swansea's Tidal Lagoon ?
Yesterday I told you the story of the Tonna independent who was a racist.i promoted the story on numerous places on social media. And it's had a massive readership. Last night an old friend posted the story on Neath Voice for Everybody. Thus particular facwbook group has one Councillor Stephen Karl Hunt has as its sole north Korean admin. He seemed rather upset that his independent representative in Tonna had been unmarked and through my friend out of his group. Young Stephen has a Kim Jong Un approach that no one can criticise him in any way. Neath Voice is riddled by crypto fascists, Britain First. Types and worse. Councillor Hunt's response is usually to through out of 'his' group those who confront such types. I am afraid he suffers from Trump syndrome you know thin skin and a large ego.
However we should not be too hard on Councillor Hunt. He is no the brightest. At a recent council meeting held between Swansea and Neath on the new Tidal Lagoon, Councillor Hunt asked what future guarantee were there for energy supply into the future from the waves ,It had to be explained to him that we have been predicting the tides for hundreds of years so far. Sounds to me that Steven has been taking lessons from that UKIP Councillor who asked what would happen when renewables ran out. Oh dear, oh dear, we are surrounded by intellectual giants .......


  1. crying here 🤣 fingers (and nose) in too many pies -hasn't got a clue.
    overstretched, egotistical, uninformed

  2. I love dumb people, if you think that the lagoon is going to generate electricity for for 100 years with no damage to the environment then ensure it, insure it, if the lagoon or the bay silts up then YOU pay to return it to it's natural state. Remember the damage the barrage did to the Tawe, when the "experts" said there would be none? there are aerators there now but I still wouldn't swim in it's black dead water