Friday, 28 April 2017

June 2020 the nightmare threatens

It's June 2020. There is a crisis sweeping the UK. A hard Brexit has occured. A hard border in Northern Ireland has see the return of the Troubles. When the victorious Tories reimposed direct rule after the general election of June 2017 new marches and riots occured along the Givenchy and the Falls roads in July . Scotland voted in September 2018 yet the May government refused to recognise it. With ten Tory Scottish MPs she felt strong enough to play a waiting game to delay the Scottish declaration of independence made on the anniversary of Bannockburn.
In Wales and Scotland the re-emergence of Republican Socialists had led to raids on political activist after the style of operation tan of 1980. Labour's better than anticipated election result had led to the emergence of a new Labour leader and negotiations were under way for a Green Left political movement. The Conservatives had steadily lost by elections between 2018 and 2020. Their response was an authoritarian state and discussion was taking place on the reduction and return of powers to Westminster. A new BNP was stirring it had had a massive influx when 30% of former UKIP members had joined it.
Direct action was taking place as environmental campaigners occupied the research facilities that was examining the new GMO infused meat that Trump's America had insisted on as one of the terms for a UK and USA trade deal. A massive demonstration in London and similar demonstrations throughout the UK had led to riots and tear gas. The savaging of the welfare state and the privatisation of the NHS largely made by America multinationals was in full force.
A moderate grouping of Blairite Labour MPs led by Stephen Kinnock were in negotiations with Norman Lamb of the Liberal Democrats. Lamb had been elected after the hapless Tim Farron had crashed and burned in June 2017. In Wales the emergence of a Welsh Ecosocialst movement was taking direct action against Nuclear power . Similar direct action was taking place against Trident bases .May cut corporation tax to American levels and applied to join NAFTA.
..Molly Scott Cato MP for Britol West addressed a vast crowd in the centre of Bristol. " There is no future but the Green future, the planet is being poisoned , the corporations are taking over our country and our rights are being taken as this paranoid, authoritarian government destroys our liberties, individual identities and our concerns. Long ago Marx said the choice was Socialism or Barbarism. The choice now is between Ecosocialism or corporate fascism" ...a nightmare future perhaps? You have six weeks to prevent it..

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