Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Heathrow, Richmond Park by election and the Lib Dem revenant returns.....

So there is to be a Richmond Park by election and Zac Goldsmith will stand as an independent. Young Zac claims it will be about Heathrow but in a constituency where 72% per cent voted remain I suspect otherwise. This will be a by election about Brexit Britain. I can hear the Liberal Democrats scratching at the political casket that is their coffin. I heard it almost fall off during the Whitney by election. In this by election a political centrist reverent is rising from the tomb..( and howling about June 23rd).it may well lead to the return of the soggy centre and have interesting chats with the ghosts of the Blairites and the lackies of Steven Kinnock.

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  1. Horrid photo got nothing to do with Heathrow air port .