Thursday, 20 October 2016

Migrants, mobile phones and Muppets

Just close your eyes and imagine. If I had to leave my office in the next five minutes because a group of thugs were coming to get me..then apart ftom, myself ( and I am the only person in the office) . I would pick up my mobile phone and run. My phone and charger and run.My phone has GPS it tells me how to find my way in a strange country or town. I can e mail .I can use by Facebook to see which friends are close by. I could ring those I love and care for. I could continue writing this blog. I could use google news, twitter and other social media to find areas to avoid to access things I have written. The phone is paid by direct debit, I could find places to recharge it. I could tell the world what is happening around me, I could use pentagram to take pictures and communicate. I could sustain myself with the pictures of those I care about even if I was separate from them. I could use my contacts list to keep trying reach friends, families and neighbours. I could calculate rates of exchange. There is more computing power on an average phone than was used to make the moon landing in 1969.
A mobile phone is no longer a luxury. Most phones that cost £20 or less could do all the things I have listed. Migrants when they flee war and persecution need all these things. Just imagine yourself leaving wherever you are now..I think you would flee and take your phones. It might just save your life.There are those who moan moan about the migrants having mobile phones, At best they cant imagine, cannot put themselves in somebody else's shoes, cannot think cleanly and worst they dont give a toss are wrapped up in their own ignorance, I would describe them as the Joey Essex`s of awreness..........please think outside the box and not what the Sun, the Star and the Mail tells you

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