Sunday, 2 October 2016

I told you so on Immigration

I told you prior to the referendum/ That immigration had nothing to do with us belonging to the EU and what do we hear that European Construction workers and tradesman will be exempt from the effects of Brexit. Oh and of course bankers.....

Post-Brexit immigration system won't harm housebuilding - Sajid Javid

1st October 2016
European construction workers could be given special treatment after Brexit to make sure the Government can meet its ambitions of building a million new homes by 2020, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has said.
Communities Secretary Sajid Javid on Downing Street

Any new immigration system for EU workers would be designed with that target in mind, Mr Javid told the Financial Times.
Nearly 250,000 overseas workers are employed in the construction industry, with a large number from Eastern Europe, including more than 30,000 from Poland and almost 25,000 from Romania. Oh dear Brexiteers you have been shown to be mugs. You voted to stop immigration and you been shown the basic dishonesty of the leave side. I told you so but hey it was me spreading doom and gloom...what will it take for you to wake up? Stupid is as stupid does

European builders have joined bankers on the list of the EU migrants still welcome in Post-Brexit Britain, as Conservative minister Sajid Javid declared he would not let new border controls stand in the way of a surge in housebuilding.

The secretary of state for communities and local government said any new immigration system for EU workers such as “work visas” would be designed to ensure that “the building sector has got whatever it needs to reach my ambition” of building 1m homes by 2020.
Mr Javid told the Financial Times that tackling Britain’s housing crisis was his “number one priority”, and that he wanted to shift the focus towards increasing the supply of housing, not just boosting demand.
He will need foreign workers to achieve his targets: nearly 250,000 overseas workers are employed in the construction industry, including more than 30,000 from Poland and nearly 25,000 from Romania.
The London house builder Berkeley estimates that around half of its 14,000 subcontractors come from eastern Europe; Barrett, one of Britain’s biggest developers, said that up to 40 per cent of its workforce in London comes from mainland Europe.
Mr Javid, speaking ahead of the Conservative conference in Birmingham, which starts on Sunday, said he could not predict “what the future might look like in terms of work visas and foreign workers” but added that the economy would have access to the skills it needed.
Wherever we end up, the government is determined to get a good deal for Britain,” he said. “Whether it’s construction or any other sector, we don’t want to make it any more difficult for those industries than it is.”

I told you was a myth designed to fool you, to lure you in and to blame your neighbour..and what has happened...? stupid is as stupid does....

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