Sunday, 9 October 2016

Nietzche , a brace of Nigels and a Trump.....

I wrote this last I think it needs to be resurrected for today. I cant bare such lack of understanding of the self. Our blind spots effect us all and we must consider them. Nietzche took a hammer to morality and made us look beyond the surface. Sexuality hidden breeds a pestilence. And my what a pestilence.......
"I have just been listening to Nigel Evans MP lay into Tom Watson over allegations against Leon Britain. I can't help thinking that Nietzsche's observation was that our morality was based on our wounds. Young Nigel is raving about Witch Crazes and persecutions. However,I can't help thinking that it was Nigel government that brought in Section 28 and despite one's own identity if your Party brings in legislation that allows persecution and witch hunting then your true morality and integrity should have made you resign at the time."
Then Nigel Farage has been an apologist for Donald Trumps "locker room" comments about women. What did he say it was just alpha male talking. Well to paraphrase Neitzche “Alpha males gave Eros poison and instead of dying she grew sick”
I loath the double standard of these males. Our erotic impulses should be celebrated not made gross by a brace of Nigel's and a Trump The erotic belongs powerfully with the spiritual and not this hidden thing whispered by grotesque men in dark places, where women objects turned to that by gross men.

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