Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Left will always have the Music

George Bernard Shaw once observed that the resonable person bends themselves to the World, while the unreasonable person seeks to bend the world to themselves. He concluded therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable person,

Thats why the left has the protest song and the passion. Throughout history the writer, the poet and the musician have railed against the world. The Conservative and the ap;critical have copped out and said ..I was only doing my job and “ I am not political” Theory  has long been critical and so is hope and imagination

These are songs that have sustained me over the years. I have never been conservative, predictable or compliant..long may it be so....

There are finally these two songs that stand out. I remember singing along to the Strawbs in the early 70s. it was 1973..the miners were on strike and the Tory government was on its last legs

Finally my all time favourite "The Internationale"

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